Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are We the Family You Are Looking For?

Our family is made up of a dentist, an artist, and 3 amazing boys.  Our kids all have names that start with the letter D (Daniel, Dallin, and Darren).  We didn't plan it that way; these were the names that we were impressed to give them. 

Welcome to 3D Adopting:  a blog to introduce you to our family, a family that is looking to add a little princess to the mix.

After multiple high-risk pregnancies, we have prayerfully decided to grow our family
through the miracle of adoption.  We feel strongly that there is a little girl out there that is being prepared to join our eternal family.  Our three boys would love nothing more than a little sister to share their hearts with.

Our family enjoys spending time together baking in the kitchen, visiting the local library, playing board games, and playing outside with our amazing neighborsWe love art museums, gardening, family bike rides, camping, small town parades, barbecues,
swimming, hayrides, and sledding.  Our family is held together by our traditions which include heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day, picnics in the summer, family themes for Halloween, service at Thanksgiving, and hot chocolate on snow days, to name a few.  We can't wait to add Fancy Nancy parties and daddy/daughter dances to the list.  It is our hope to continue the tradition of a "Great to be Eight" trip to Disneyland after each child turns 8 years-old.  Favorite memories we share include travels to Nauvoo, Illinois to discover church history, road trips to visit family in St. Louis, summers at the pool, and apple picking with cousins.  

Perhaps our most favorite family memory is when, in the spring of 2012, we welcomed a new temple to the Kansas City area.  Each of us grew in our love of the temple as we watched the building of the house of the Lord.  Our testimonies of eternal families were strengthened as we were able to enter the temple together prior to the building's dedication.  

In order to preserve our thoughts and feelings about this experience, we asked some friends to help us make this video...

Kansas City Temple Family Video from Eran + Aubs on Vimeo.

In the temple, we are taught that families are eternal.  Our family is committed to each other and to finding the little girl that will come to us through adoptionWe want you to know of our mission to care for this little one, to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to raise her in a home where we strive to live the principles of this gospel.  As parents, we do all that we can to provide our children with what they need to live a happy and healthy life rich in laughter and joy.  This new addition to our family will be treasured and taught that she is a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves her.  Already we are praying for this little girl and for the birth parents that will give her life.  May the blessings of heaven be yours as you make the decision to be a part of this miracle for us.

Please contact us at 3DAdopting@gmail.com for more information.

James and Emily